A Kanban Board for your emails
See which emails need your attention, and when.

How KanbanMail works

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“KanbanMail takes your inbox from a confusing mess and turns it into a clear action plan!”

Spend less time on email

By instantly seeing which emails need action, you can zip through your inbox faster than ever before and spend more time on the things you love.

Private and Secure

KanbanMail doesn't store or process your emails on its servers — they remain safe with your email provider and are requested over https only. Additionally, KanbanMail doesn't request permission to permanently delete emails.

New features all the time!

I'm constantly building new features into KanbanMail. In fact, you can see what I work on every single day here! I have a whole bunch of awesome features planned as well. And of course, feel free to email me with a feature request at any time!

Created by an Indie Maker

👋 Hi! I'm Ethan from Sydney, Australia. I've made KanbanMail entirely by myself, without any funding. I'm a real human, not a massive soul-less corporation out there to steal your money. Support the Indie Maker movement!

Time to get KanbanMail!