Spend less time on email.

Go through your emails faster than ever before, keep your inbox organized, and never lose track of a conversation.

“KanbanMail takes your inbox from a confusing mess and turns it into a clear action plan!”

Matthew Jones

For anyone who spends half the day sorting their inbox prioritising stuff, @KanbanMail by @Booligoosh is excellent at everything Outlook/Gmail isn’t 👍

Dinuka Jayasuriya

Hands down the best email client I've used (and I rarely use email clients). This definitely helps you organize the emails better and get that satisfaction of actually going through each email and dragging them to the 'done' state. Works best for work related emails 🔥

Leandro Thomas

I’ve completely scaled back my email usage for a while now, and for what’s left, @KanbanMail has become a welcome surprise.

It’s a completely fresh way of tackling my inbox.

Simple in design, yet quite a powerful concept.

Nicely done @Booligoosh!

Nick Coates

Nailing it, sir🎉! Still by far the best product that has solved my email productivity 💪

Nick Coates

Yes please 💪 I've used it enough that it's convinced me this is the way to manage emails & I'm happy to pay for it 😁

Sergio Mattei

This x1000 times! I've been using KanbanMail since before launch and it's absolutely awesome - helps you stay productive and on track, keeping that inbox tidy 📮

Spend less time on email

By instantly seeing which emails need action, you can zip through your inbox faster than ever before and spend more time on the things you love.

Private and Secure

KanbanMail doesn't even store or process your emails on its servers. They remain safe with your email provider and are requested over https only. Additionally, KanbanMail doesn't request permission to permanently delete emails.

Created by a real human

Building useful, beautiful and intuitive products is a craft. I'm one person who cares a lot about helping everyone stay productive, and I'm passionate about what I create. Support small makers with a personality instead of massive soulless corporations!

More than a Kanban board

KanbanMail has a ton of cool features to help you be more productive.

Keyboard shortcuts

KanbanMail has over 40 different keyboard shortcuts to make you lightning-fast when going through your email. You can check them all out here.

The email viewer

The email viewer is designed for speed and convencience. With one click you can perform any action on an email. You can even hit the unsubscribe button for marketing emails! The thread history also shows up in the sidebar to give better context to your conversations.

The email editor

The KanbanMail email editor is designed to help you send emails quickly and efficiently. With contact auto-suggestions, keyboard shortcuts, and Markdown support, you can send great emails in no time!

Smarter profile pictures

KanbanMail looks for the best profile picture available for each person by using multiple sources including Google, Gravatar, and the Clearbit Logo API. You can expect to see more avatars than you do in Gmail!

Beautiful backgrounds

Turn your inbox into a source of inspiration, with over 100 beautiful high-res images from Unsplash to choose from. You can also set a custom image!

Dark mode

Because every good app has a dark mode. If you want to go easy on your eyes, KanbanMail's got you covered!  🌗

Time to get KanbanMail!